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WSQ Provide full body massage without oil 无油按摩证书(推拿按摩)

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Language course start date Duration Day Trainer
  • Eng/Chi
  • Wed, 24/03/21 - 9:00 am
  • Mon, 15/03/21 - 7:00 pm
  • 7 days
  • 2 months
  • looking for timing not here, whatsapp 93566638
  • Wed 9.00am-5pm (once a week)
  • Mon/Wed 7-10pm
  • Call for schedule. Weekend classes available


On Completion of this unit, learner will have the knowledge and application skills in providing body massage without oil and able to apply them at the workplace. This course is recommended for those who wish to acquire a mastery of the basic Chinese Tuina massage techniques to work on body parts and their rationale and effects.  

This unit is within the competency category of Body Therapy and is one of the modules leading to the WSQ Certificate in Spa Services.


What will I learn?

  • Project professional image, ensure a safe and hygienic workplace, provide a suitable environment for full body Chinese Tuina Massage treatment
  • Major muscle groups of the neck, shoulder, back, upper limb, abdomen and lower limb including the bony landmarks at joints and muscle attachments.
  • Types & effects of different Chinese manipulation techniques of soft tissues such as Tui Fa (pushing), Na Fa (grasping), Rou Fa (kneading), An Fa (pressing), Cuo Fa (rubbing & scrubbing), Kou Fa (tapping)
  • Techniques to apply on neck, shoulder, back, upper limb, abdomen and lower limb to break down adipose (fatty) tissue, removes lactic acid, promote relaxation and release tension from muscles, produces warmth and increase joint mobility.  You will also learn simple range of movement assessment to focus on affected muscles of the joints. 
  • Safe and effective practice, contraindication to massage such as skin disorders and chronic diseases
  • Suitable after care advice to sustain the effects of treatment

Course Administration

Course Duration

70 hours

Full time 2 weeks (5 days per week, 6 hours per day)

Part time 3mths (2 days per week, 3 hours per day)


Course Fee $1200 (excluding massage related items, before deducting Skillsfuture credit/subsidy, T&C apply)

Course Registration fee $50 (non-refundable - waived)


Teacher:Student ratio 1:16 
PSLE, ESS WPLN L3 English/Chinese or equivalent
Award Criteria
Trainees must pass the Final Assessment as Competent
Certificate awarded
WSQ statement of Attainment
Progress pathway
Certificate in Spa Services/Advanced Certificate/Diploma



在完成本单元后,学员将会掌握全身无油按摩的知识和技能,且能够在工作场所学以致用。 本单元尤其适合那些希望能了解人体系统,掌握基本的中式推拿技巧,依据理论和效果对身体各部位进行按摩的人报读。

本单元归属于“身体治疗的技能”,是晋升WSQ证书 “SPA服务”的认可课程之一。


  • 如何展现按摩师的专业形象,和确保为进行中式推拿按摩治疗提供一个安全卫生的环境
  • 颈部,肩膀,背部,上肢,腹部和下肢的主要肌群,包括关节和肌肉起止点的骨性和肌性标志。
  • 中式推拿手法的类型和效果,如推法,抓法,揉法,按法,搓法,叩法
  • 应用于颈部,肩部,背部,上肢,腹部和下肢的手法,以分解脂肪组织、去除乳酸,放松紧张的肌肉,温通和滑利关节。
  • 安全有效的操作方法;推拿禁忌症,如皮肤病和慢性病
  • 治疗后为客户提供适当的调护建议,以巩固疗效



70 hours 小时





学费 $1200 (不包括按摩相关物品, (在获得Skillsfuture补贴之前,必须先进行T&C

注册 $50(无退还 - 放弃)

师生比例 1:16 
PSLE, ESS WPLN L3 英文/中文或同等资格
WSQ 合格证书


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