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TCM Lifeskill Training Course中医养生课程

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Language course start date Duration Day Trainer
  • Eng/Chi
  • 10 hours
  • Call for schedule. Weekend classes available.

TCM Lifeskill is a course which provides participants (especially the middle age and seniors) with the knowledge and skills to pursue healthy living, The course is offered as 3 separate Acts, Completing all 3 Acts is recommended for a a lifelong journey towards looking better, feeling better and living better.
Act 1行动一:  体质养生篇   Understanding TCM physical constitutions  
An instructor trained in the TCM methodologies will provide an assessment of one’s body constitution based on TCM classification; followed by practical session on  TCM lifeskill
Chapter 1第一章: 体质与亚健康TCM physical constitutions & Sub-Health
Chapter 2第二章: 不同体质的养生方法Application of  TCM Lifeskill according to its’  physical constitutions                   
Chapter 3第三章: 经络养生(拉筋拍打)Meridian Stretching
Chapter 4第四章: 运动养生-八段锦Eight-section brocade
Act 2 行动二: 经穴保健篇 Massage Therapy
The meridian interconnects deep within the body core and there are specific acupressure points along the meridians.  They can be envisioned as highways between the acupressure points in the body.  The stress-related disorders we have in our modern society can be frequently linked to the blockage of the meridians. An instructor trained on Meridian Therapy will provide the theoretical basis and practical aspects of Meridian Massage therapy, its benefits and applications.
Chapter 1第一章:  经穴保健按摩基础 Basis of Finger press Massage Therapy
Chapter 2第二章:  经穴保健按摩养生法 Appication of  Finger press Massage Therapy
Chapter 3第三章:  程氏经络养生操 Meridian Yangsheng exercise
Chapter 4第四章:  保健温热法  Heat Therapy for Health
Act 3 行动三:饮食调养篇Chinese Food Therapy
Food Therapy is known as the use of food to influence body functions and for improving health and diseases prevention. Foods Therapy is a Chinese traditional way of longevity through diet which comes in the forms of porridge, soup or drinks.  An instructor trained in Food Therapy will provide specific instruction on the choice of food and herbs suitable for different types of body constitutions.
Chapter 1第一章:  饮食调养慨论 [ Food as Medicine]
Chapter 2第二章:  食疗Let Food Be Thy Medicine
Chapter 3第三章:  食疗养生Health maintenance through choice of food and herbs
Chapter 4第四章:  食疗与体质 Food Therapy & Body Constitutions

* Exclude purchase of common herbs.

 What participants say

The trainer is very knowledgeable and patient in addressing many of our queries during the class. There are many myths busted during the entire course duration and this improved our general knowledge of TCM. She also shared with us may easy, simple ad nice recipes to improve our health.                                                                                  Lim HH, IDA April 2016


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