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SOHA - Sports and Body Massage Training Institute

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As more people becoming aware of wellness issues and seek a healthier work-life balance, there is increasing emphasis on the quality and qualification of wellness practitioners. SOHA Institute is an established massage therapy school in Singapore with over 15 years of experience delivering massage therapy certification and spa massage training programmes. They include body massage courses such as reflexology, Chinese meridian massage, holistic massage, Indian Head Massage, Seated Chair Massage and Swedish Massage which are needed to apply for massage license. More advanced massage courses like lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, pre- and post-natal and infant massage are also offered to provide wellness practitioners with a mastery in a comprehensive range of skills and treatment modalities.

Situated at the crossroads of East and West, SOHA Institute also offers self care and wellness courses for those interested to learn massage in Singapore. Foreigners attend massage training in Singapore to deepen their understanding in the healing wonders of Asian Body works and experience the positive effects of massage to reduce stress, aid blood circulation, aid in muscle relaxation and improve quality of sleep for self, family members, friends and associates.

Sports massage is known to be effective in preventing sports injuries and speeding up recovery. It is a specialized field and requires sports therapy training to respond safely and effectively to the needs of the specific sports, be it running, golf, tennis, swimming or more demanding ones like rock climbing, cross fit and triathlon. To be able to treat muscles and other soft tissues that tend to be tight or weaken easily which can lead to joint instability, a sports massage qualification is essential. SOHA Institute offers  sports massage course ranging from Event Sports Massage, Sports Massage Essential to more advanced sports massage qualification in Sports Massage Therapy offered at Level 3 for injury prevention and recovery and address postural imbalances at the physical level; Level 4 for scar tissue alignments and joint rehabilitation after injuries using techniques such as muscle energy techniques, soft tissue release, PNF, cross-fiber friction by focusing on additional muscle roles such as fixators, stabilisers and synergists.  At level 5, which is a sports physiotherapy course/qualification, you will learn how to treat neurological disorders including gait analysis.  Usually, such therapists who completed Level 3 as an entry level in the sports therapy profession will be able to work in fitness centres, chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics where they can progress and deepen their mastery in sports massage and sports therapy. They can also work as freelance therapist to combine with other modalities such as pilate and yoga.