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Grievance / Complaint Management Procedures

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We treat any student grievance as important feedback to us. We have staff assigned to manage student welfare including handling grievances and complaints and have a system and procedures to tackle these issues.

For any complaint or grievance – whether it is verbally lodged; or by letter; by fax or email, we will document the nature of grievance, complaint and given an interim acknowledgement that the matter is being investigated

The Student Welfare Officer (SWO) will be required to conduct the necessary investigation to establish the circumstance and facts of the case and submit report not later than Three (3) days to the School Administrator/General Manager. The latter will verify the report and ascertained that there are basis to accept or dismiss the complaint or grievance.

Within 14 days the School Administrator/General Manager will offer a solution based on the findings of the investigation conducted to the Student for acceptance. If the solution is accepted or otherwise, a record of proceedings will be made by the SWO and endorsed by the School Administrator/General Manager.

If the Student accepted the solution offered by the School Administrator/General Manager, no further action will be pursued except filing the proceeding for record.

If student refuses to accept the solution offered by School Administrator/General Manager, the latter will review the case and take into account any new finding, if any, and make reference to the Principal of the School for concurrence to offer alternative solution. Within maximum of 21 days since receipt of student’s grievance, the school will offer the final solution.

If the Student still refuses to accept the latter solution offered by the School Administrator, suggest to the Student to refer the complaint/grievance to CPE Mediation Centre for a resolution prior to instituting any legal action /proceedings.